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Koch & Optima

Letterpress card, originally set in foundry Optima and Monotype Deepdene Italic, rendered here on dampened Crane Lettra with photopolymer plates produced from scanned proofs of the original type. Printed at SlowPrint Letterpress with the Heidelberg Windmill 10x15. Original size of card 6.25"x4.5", size of text-block 4.5"x3"

Typographic Finesse & "Negative-Space Counseling"

Fine tuning and refinement of letterforms and arrangement, as a service.

Typographic Refinement

Although most professional fonts are designed with well-defined spacing tables, these are often insufficient to handle special cases.

In particular, larger display uses can introduce spacing difficulties which are not elegantly handled by the auto-spacing features of layout programs.

We offer highly refined visual appraisal and iterative refinement services for graphic and typographic designers.

We take the final drafts (usually InDesign or Illustrator), and refine the type with finesse, applying 35 years of attunement to the subtle relationships of space and rhythm. 


Case Study: 2013 Analysis Report for Landen Consulting (Glencoe, IL)

In this consulting final report, we focussed on the client's desire to provide the intended audience—scientists, analysts and policymakers—with a clear understanding of the highly technical economic analysis.

The content is detailed, with many citations and charts. We used Adobe InDesign CS6 for the layout, selecting Adobe's Jenson Pro type family for the body text, as a humanistic, highly readable face which also provides professional typographic options such as small caps, old-style numerals, etc. Headlines and titles are in Linotype Syntax. The charts are set in Adobe's Myriad Pro, a humanist sans-serif which has a range of highly legible condensed widths.

Please feel free to download the finished report (53 page PDF) and examine the design and typography closely.  

Koch & Optima - ReverseHere's the reverse of the card, with the whole story. Note that the appearance of impression depth is exaggerated here by the raking side-light. 
The cards are available through 
And, yes, there are still a few spacing anomalies, which I chose to leave in as it's a facsimile of the original 1980s piece!