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Wood Type on Dampened paper

Woodtype Experimental Print Making on Dampened Paper

How John Baskerville squeezed the life out of printing and what we can do to bring it back.

As offered at the Hamilton Woodtype and Printing Museum 2013 Wayzgoose in Two Rivers,Wisconsin.

This workshop is about water. Water and cellulose. That is, how adding water to paper changes the nature of the paper and the impression. Whether it's wood type, end-grain boxwood, photopolymer, foundry type or found-objects, the true spirit of letterpress and relief printing comes through on a rag stock appropriately dampened.

It's also about Printing before and after John Baskerville, and his hot-pressed paper.

Printing with wood types on dampened paper brings out the best in each...

Experimental inking, stenciling, overlays and other techniques encourage the artist's expressive nature to evolve with a series of prints, each slightly different, yet related to the prior and subsequent impressions.