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Words in Progress : Workshops, Seminars & Travel Courses

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About this site is still very young, please be gentle ;-) I'm dusting off my Plone® development skills, and having some success with this powerful open-source CMS, which I've been using in various forms for ten years now.


Still refining the stylesheet, adapting the theme template to my liking, etc. There are plenty of typographic adjustments still to come, of course.


The galleries and photos are directly linked (through collective.plonetruegallery) to my Google+ and Flickr collections & albums, which are still rough-cut, and limited in scope. More curation of the images will come with time. I'm planning to launch the site 'formally' at the beginning of March, and expect to have a broader and more refined selection of images by then. The current grouping was done quickly for development of the functional galleries on the site.


The site is running on a droplet under Ubuntu (thanks to Steve McMahon's fine tutorial on!) and uses open-source technologies throughout. Python, Zope, Plone, nginx, etc.


The site uses a number of open-source web fonts, including Open Sans from Adobe and Droid Serif from Google.

See my Google+ stream for more on my process and #plone development!